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To make your favorite lace lingerie last long and please your body and soul, it needs proper care.

JOSI team recommends to wash lace lingerie by hand in warm water (not more than 30 degrees - in hot water the fabric loses its elasticity), using gentle laundry detergent (preferably with neutral soap). Do not use any kind of bleach or conditioners. When washing, it is not recommended to rub the linen hard, as you can damage the lace and stretch it. Lingerie of different colors is better to wash separately, as they can slightly stain each other.

After hand washing, the main thing is not to overdo it with wringing. Lace does not absorb moisture well, so it is enough just to rinse and gently shake the linen from the water.

In no case do not dry the linen on the radiator or towel dryer, hot metal can damage delicate threads.

If you decide to wash a lace set of linen in the machine, then do it only in a special bag for washing linen and on the program "Delicate washing". The machine will gently wring the garment itself. When washing in the machine, use a special gentle detergent for washing lace items.

It is not recommended to iron the lace with an iron, it is better to use a steamer, having previously tried the effect of steam on an inconspicuous part of the product.

If you observe these elementary rules, your lace lingerie will serve you for many years. Especially if it is lingerie from JOSI Lingerie.